The original Kettlebell Group Fitness Class

Kettlebell Pump is a new and exciting group fitness program developed by personal trainer and fitness facility owner Randy DeAngelo.    This 30 minute class promises to deliver a high intensity workout like no other group fitness class.The small town of Mebane, NC has embraced this 30 minute group fitness class for over 5 years and now it’s ready to be introduced into a gym near you.    





New Certification Dates

December 8th 2013
Wilmington YMCA
Wilmington, NC

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Kettlebell Pump™ is ideal for anyone who wants to:
Burn Fat
Increase Flexibility
Build Strength
Increase cardiovascular endurance

The 30 minute workout that feels like an hour.

You will Tone your body
Boost your enegry level
All in just 30 minutes





New Certification Date 12/08/2013
Wilmington, NC

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Kettlebell Pump










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